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Zero-Gs Part II: The Provocateur


Zero-Gs Part II: The Provocateur, a 418 Page Book by Darrin Geisinger, a Sequel Novel to Zero-Gs Part I: The Armor Eternal. A Post-apocalyptic Sci-fi Thriller Featuring the DISCLOSURE of Ancient Aliens; the Annunaki, Diminishing Gravity, Global Economic Collapse, the New World Order and One World Religion, Genetic Corruption of the Human Race, and the Struggle to Maintain Faith in an Unseen Creator During the Birth of Humanity 2.0…

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The Messengers came from the stars, ended Earth’s economic Meltdown, and now press mankind to adopt their wisdom and evolve. As a beleaguered humanity cries out for the cure to a vicious blood-cancer, and for assistance in stabilizing our erratic gravity, our hidden benefactors insist on universal changes before any more of their cosmic gifts can be given. The resisters among us must be eliminated in order for our utopian-phoenix to rise from the ashes. Garret Philmore, along with his trusted allies, find themselves in the camp of the world’s most wanted terror cell. This band of warriors abides by an ancient code of conduct, and is determined on unravelling the “alien” deception while destroying the New World Order. Civilization swirls in chaos until an emissary emerges from the shadows to bring peace and unity. Rumors abound that his father may be one of the Messengers, thus, uniting our races in a common future. Will the Messengers’ promise of godhood sway humanity to forfeit their individual freedoms for the carrot of much longer life? Danger lurks around every corner as Garret and the resistance do battle with a primal enemy determined to steal man’s birthright as inheritors of the Earth.

“Normalcy Bias is, or should I say was, the inability to cope with events outside the norm. In ‘34, when the global economy exploded, every facet of life catapulted beyond this line. Then in ’40, DISCLOSURE struck. Finally, the words ‘We are not alone’, were official. Then add to it the revelation—craftily leaked to an already struggling humanity—that alien life had long been prospering among us at our own expense, and suddenly nothing normal remained. That Earth’s gravitational constant became uncertain only pushed the planet’s survivors to expect nothing but trouble of the most bizarre kind. Which brings us to today. Not 2050. More like 10 AD; a decade After Disclosure, when the only normal thing left is a setting on your dryer (if you still have one).”
—Piper Corcoran, Can Things Get Any Stranger? Volume III

“The loss of our precious gravity, supposedly a universal constant, was thought to be our death knell. Instead, once the fear subsided and most of the unknowns became known, we all ‘kind of got to liking it’. Studies quickly surfaced of less joint pain, easier breathing and a sense of increased vitality. An announcement of less gravity—if not a severe drop—would actually bring forth ‘the joy response’ from most of the population. With the levels in Gs now stabilizing and comfortable, albeit nearly 20% lower than history’s standard, can we at last declare that some good fortune has come our way?”
—Warner Roxwell, Our Backs Against the Wall

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