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Zero-Gs – 2 Book Set


The Zero-Gs Novel Series is a Post-apocalyptic Sci-fi Thriller Featuring the DISCLOSURE of Ancient Aliens; Diminishing Gravity, Global Economic Collapse, the New World Order and One World Religion, Genetic Corruption of the Human Race, and the Struggle to Maintain Faith in an Unseen Creator During the Birth of Humanity 2.0…

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EARTH 2045: Following a devastating global economic collapse, civilization struggles on. Then “they” came on the scene to save us. The Messengers turned the lights back on, cleaned up the radiation, stopped the pandemics. But a handful of doubters suspect that these extraterrestrials might not be the benevolent benefactors they claim to be. Some who’ve spoken out against the Messengers have mysteriously vanished. Earth’s foremost robotics scientist has disappeared. To his only son, he leaves behind two things. The first is a way to fight back, in the form of an armored exo-suit—possibly humanity’s last and only hope.
The second is a hastily scrawled message…
“Son, they are stealing our gravity.”

“The action, characters and tech feel like they are just over the horizon. The pace was consuming. The Adversary is real and therefore one roots for the protagonists. I am awaiting with great anticipation further adventures in the follow up books!”
-Ron T.
PS: I read both books in a weekend

“I’ve read a lot of books, and seen a lot of apocalypse movies, but I have never read anything like Zero-Gs. A sci-fi action thriller that combines conspiracies and deep theological topics, the PROVOCATEUR, Part II of the series, does not disappoint. This release continues the coming of age story set in the End-Times, where “space aliens” have finally arrived to save us from ourselves. Will this Dystopian setting also usher in the anti-christ? You’ll have to dive in to find out. You should read this…”
-Stacy R.

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