Zero-Gs Part I&II

A beast has arrived on the world stage.
Who can make war against him?

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Zero-Gs Part I & II

The Zero-Gs Novel Series is a Post-apocalyptic Sci-fi Thriller Featuring the DISCLOSURE of Ancient Aliens; Diminishing Gravity, Global Economic Collapse, the New World Order and One World Religion, Genetic Corruption of the Human Race, and the Struggle to Maintain Faith in an Unseen Creator During the Birth of Humanity 2.0…

“Seemingly benign ‘ancient aliens’ have returned to Earth, but are they the devil in disguise? Geisinger’s end-times series Zero-Gs is intertwined with prophetic events and conspiracy theories galore, and reads like a warning map to apocalyptic warriors everywhere.”-Jack Castle, Best Selling Author

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100 Limited Edition Autographed Posters

If you’ve followed Steve Quayle, you know what a rare item this is. Only 100 ‘And There Were Giants in the Land…’ posters were printed; each signed and numbered by Mr. Quayle himself. Measuring 24” x 36,” these large prints exemplify what Steve has been uncovering all his life: True Legends about the giants; giants so large they could pick up American buffalo as they ran along! Signed and numbered in metallic ink, the imagery is sure to be a point of discussion with all who see it. Not $499.00, but only $49.95 + shipping ($16.95), priced-to-move for those who truly appreciate the work of Steve Quayle. Get yours right now before they sell out! ( some of the proceeds will help bring Zero-Gs Part III to life, so thank you for your support! )

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Concept Art

The Novel's Unique Illustrated Insert

Both Zero-Gs novels contain special 20-page illustrated center sections with concept art for the characters, vehicles and armored suits described within it. Garret Philmore, the main character, is an avid journal keeper and sketch artist. Some of his favorite renditions are included as an added bonus...

Marcee Rae Philmore's Transport

In the world of Zero-Gs, the characters are ferried about the "AHS," or Automated Highway System, by self-driving vehicles. This concept for Marcee's "Black, 6-Person Transport" was not included in the novel's 20-page illustrated section...

The "Monsters" of Zero-Gs

Also not included in the novel are several monstrous creature concepts; one of which is shown here. "And they taught the mixing of species in order to provoke the Lord," states the Book of Jubilees. Oh, they're provoking Him alright. The characters in Zero-Gs must endure these terrors and survive their onslaught...

Darrin Geisinger

A Conspiracy Theory Aficionado, Darrin Geisinger combines the outer fringe of myth, legend, and ancient texts, with sci-fi and forbidden technology, taking his readers on an unforgettable journey. Ever shedding “programming” to see the real truth, Darrin goes by the motto: “Just when you think you know, you don’t know…”



We think we'll rise to the challenge during a crisis, but would we really? Most talk a brave talk yet shrivel in the face of danger. How will the characters in Zero-Gs respond against overwhelming—no astronomical—odds? A "coming of age" story of epic proportion...


What does it mean to be human? What scientific or technological advancement will take us beyond our current form and into humanity 2.0? Could the Mark of the Beast be much more than just a chip? Adding unsanctioned animal and "alien" DNA is the beastly trigger about to damn our race...


As if losing our gravity was not enough, add to it an aggressive cancer quickly dwindling Earth's already struggling population, an intolerant society eager to evolve and do away with traditional religion (or those who practice it), and rumors persist of global war bubbling like a cauldron ready to blow...